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Get a one-on-one free consultation from the top interior designers in Hyderabad & get a sample design as per your requirements. Be it for residential or commercial purposes, we will create your dream space.


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Great Team

ICraft Designz & Interiors is one of the best interior design studios in Hyderabad. I saw their designs & images in Facebook and approached them.

High Quality

We believe home is where the heart is, & it reflects your character, who & what you are. We researched to convert our dream into reality, & met Sam who owns ICraft Designz & Interiors.

Good Planning

We approached Sam, the chief interior designer for ICraft Interior Designz, to design our villa. The entire IDI team has planned & designed well to suit our requirements, just the way we wanted it.

Great Outcome

We approached ICraft Designz & Interiors to design our 2-BHK flat located at Kompally. Right from the designing to the details, the IDI team has done it all perfectly.

Wow experience

Where a layman expects the team to improve on customer experience during the initial meeting. A thorough explanation of what goes into interior designs..

Credible Partner, Love It.

As they say, ‘ A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams’
And to build a sweet home, you need credible partners like Sam...

Step 1: Initial Consultation

We start with the initial preliminary meeting, the purpose of which is to get to know you and your project. We will discuss the scope and time frame of your project and what your budget and goals are. It is vital that all decision-makers are at this meeting; During this meeting, we will cover the following:

A. Details of your project

B. What rooms will be included,

C. The intended use for each room and your ideas and goals for each.

D. Your budget: The budget is the key to your interior design project. Without a budget, we cannot begin to move past the conversation stage. It decides the details and scope of your project. A clearly defined budget allows us to allocate your resources across the entire project, and establish a plan with your priorities in mind. If you are not sure how to develop a realistic budget we will work with you to develop one.

E. Addressing your questions and concerns: we will discuss and address any questions you might have about your project.

Step 2: Client Brief, Letter of Agreement and Deposit

A. Following the meeting, we will produce a Client brief outlining our discussions about your project. Once we both have reviewed and agreed to the contents of the brief, it then becomes part of our letter of agreement. Once the letter of agreement is signed and the initial deposit collected we will begin the design process

Step 3: Preliminary Design

A. Site Measurement: Depending on the scope of your project, site measurement may or may not be completed in one day. We will take detailed measurements and photographs of all the project spaces.

B. Where suitable and possible we will also arrange to have any contractors and tradesmen present to take their own measurements for the purpose of estimating and specifying their portions of the project. This process will continue through the project wherever appropriate and necessary.

C. Preliminary Design Plan: Space planning with a well thought out floor plan is a critical step in a successful design. After all the measurements have been completed we develop floor plans for each room. These allow us to decide on what can fit in a room and to establish scale, flow, and furniture arrangements options.

D. We will begin our proprietary style and color analysis, which we use to identify and understand your personal preferences. In this process, we will learn and discuss your design style, lifestyle and how you want to use the space.
The amount of time this takes will vary depending on the scale of your project. We will schedule a meeting during which we’ll review the floor plan options and discuss the benefits of each. It is helpful to have all the decision-makers at this meeting.

Step 4: Commencement Meeting

A. The commencement meeting usually occurs within a couple of weeks after the letter of agreement is received. During this meeting, we will review preliminary design ideas, requirements, concepts, and project schedules. This is an information exchange where we make sure that we are all on the same page prior to proceeding further with the design process.

B. We will develop a projected timetable for each phase of the project. This will include design, purchasing, and ordering, work carried out by tradesmen, and the final installation.

C. The schedule will be reviewed during our commencement meeting. Where necessary the schedule will be adjusted due to unforeseen circumstances.

D. An additional detailed schedule will be developed for renovation and tradesman.

E. Depending on the complexity of the project the completion time can be several months. For example, custom furniture can have lead times of approximately 8 -12 weeks.

Step 5: Design Scheme

A. After the commencement meeting, we then move on to the next step of the process which is developing your design scheme. In this phase we will be creating the color palette, picking fabric, furniture, finishes and designing built-in pieces if necessary. We will choose flooring, wall coverings, counters, cabinetry, window treatments, and hardware selections. A reflective ceiling plan detailing your lighting requirements will also be done.

Step 6: Presentation and Sign off

A. Plan Presentation Meeting: Once we have completed your design we will schedule a plan presentation meeting. All decision makers must be at this meeting. We will present and go through the design in detail room by room discussing all elements of the plan. By this time we should have a complete design scheme which meets your approval. We will prepare a presentation showing floor plans, furniture, fabric, product, accessory and finish selections for your approval.

B. At this time we will also present a detailed budget outlining the cost of each item, and work orders for sign off where appropriate. Getting the design approved in a timely manner is critical for maintaining accurate pricing, production schedules, and product availability. Delays in approval and execution could result in increased costs or delays associated with replacing certain items that may be no longer available. Once we have a sign off on the design plan we will move into the project execution stage.

C. Change Orders: During the project, there will be occasions where we make adjustments to the project. These can originate from your requesting either additional work, changes or expansion of the projects’ scope. They can also originate from job realities which occur midproject. For example structural or regulatory issues that were not apparent until the project was underway. Whenever these occasions arise we will issue a change order detailing the scope and costs for the changes. No additional work will be started without a signed agreement. Wherever possible any additional work will be fitted into the schedule to maximize efficiency.

Step 7: Work Orders and Procurement

A. Prior to engaging contractors, subcontractors and tradesmen on your behalf you will receive a work order detailing the scope and costs. (Freight & delivery are usually billed separately). These work orders are a necessary mechanism to make sure that we are on the same page and that you are aware of all expenditures throughout the project.

Step 8: Project Management: Tradesmen – Contractors

A. We will schedule and supervise work to be done. The management of this process is vitally important to maintaining the integrity of the design and ensures a high quality of workmanship. This process is ongoing throughout the project and we will make sure that each and every phase of work is properly completed to the highest standards. We will monitor furniture and custom ordered pieces delivery times. We will inform you of the progress of each item and phase and meet with you as necessary to keep your project on track.

Step 9: Setting up and Decorating

A. This is where everything comes together. Construction is finished, furniture arrives, and window treatment installation takes place. Accessories and art are put in place. The decorating process is when the vision becomes a reality. During this phase, we will also do final accessorizing. We will purchase accessories and place them in appropriate positions thought the space. We will provide you with a detailed separate invoice outlying the cost of each and you can then decide which items you wish to keep and we will return the rest.

Step 10: Final Punch out List

A. These are the items that may need to be done at the end of the project. Such as touching up paint or tracking down a missing item are all handled with the utmost urgency. We will do a room by room walkthrough and itemize each and everything that needs to be addressed. Each and every item will be diligently addressed to your satisfaction.


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Tired of the outdated look at your home or your workplace? Looking to renovate your place? Look no further as you are at the right place! We will plan, design, & assist in remodeling the work site, and will hand over a completely new space that will ooze class & brilliance.

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Our Interior Design Ideas Hyderabad Drive Our Creativity Before You Start Thinking. The interior design is the art of designing the room like arranging and planning, interior spaces in homes and structures. We include making floor plans, furniture formats, and structuring the look and feel of a space.



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